How it Works

How it Works

Thank you for visiting our web site.
Thinking of buying a property or even selling your property. Then you have come to the right place.


  • Go to the tab “Request a Property” (Add Link) and fill in the form as per your requirement and submit or you can call us on the numbers given under “Contact Us” (Add Link) and our team would take down the details of your property requirement.
  • Your requirement would be cross checked with thousands of properties in our internal data base and thereafter all the external data bases within our resources.
  • List of properties that have been identified as per your requirements would be presented to you. Thereafter you are free to decide which of these properties you would like to visit. We would then make arrangements for you to visit the properties at your convenience.
  • If you happen to like a particular property presented, then we would take you to the next step in negotiating and securing the property for you to own.


  • Go to the tab “Sell your Property” (Add Link) and fill in the form giving details about your property. Do not forget to upload some pictures and submit or you can call us on the numbers given under “Contact Us” (Add Link) and our team would assist you in the formalities.
  • We will visit your property with a prior appointment and document the details of your property.
  • Thereafter if you are in agreement with our terms & conditions we will undertake to market & sell your property through multiple channels which are at our disposal.
  • All inquiries would be received by us and filtered. We would undertake to show the property to the potential buyers.
  • All offers would be presented to you in writing for which you are free to make an independent decision.
  • Once you decide to accept an offer, we would guide you through the process and assist you in formalities in selling your property in a safe and secure way.

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How it Works

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